Remote Das Scada Solution

Remote Das Scada Solution NT Pharma Scada

NT Pharma Scada
Key Fetures
• Support multiple communication protocols
• Support GPRS, SMS and OPC Communication mode (OPC Client, OPC Seerver)
• A variety of real time and hisotrical trends
• Embedded report system, customised real time and historical report provide report wizard, configure the historian and SQL database reports without scripts
• Powerful alarm system, supports real-time printing, SMS alarm, email alarm

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Remote Das Scada Solution King View 7.5

King View 7.5

KingView, it has been 20 years since its first release, has always been in the leading part of Chinese automation software market. KingView 7.5 has inherited the powerful functions, stable and reliable operations from King series, apart from that, it has also put forward "the second development" concept. Step by step improving configures efficiency,provides a strong support to achieve improved efficiency, and reduced cost at last.

KingView 7.5 added electronic records features by following FDA 21 CFR part11 and GMP specification
to complete quality trace feature.
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